A Particle

Just sub-atomic matter that hides behind the eye,
A probable existence, escaping the observer,
Yet swayed by observation, objectivity belied,
The mechanism influencing every interaction,
Attracting untold forces, instigating calm or storm,
From every atom to the sun, every drop within the sea,
Nano bits reflected far beyond in massive cavities,
A regulating agent, the medium to receive
Distinct vibrations, opening the access to identities,
Presenting to the alchemists prospects long denied,
The principal connection in the chain of all causality,
Or, a gateway to celestial, immeasurable realms,
A catalytic agent that precedes material form,
The part superior to the whole, the crux of humankind,
The substance of the mind, inviting speculation,
To flag the two-fold nature of existence, to align
The natural and the supernatural, needlessly at odds,
Signaling potential to surpass the current paradigm
To find the key, mathematically, all signature denied,
No hint of size or structure, only spin to estimate,
Bamboozling the moxie of the systematic mind.
Could the method be too limited, the tool inadequate,
To effectively unravel onion layers of phenomena,
To establish the ipseity of flavor, unmistakably,
Composed or indivisible, to pin-point the indicial, yet
Enigmatic, unpredictable parts within the Model?
Hope is what maintains the quest to find the unity
That harmoniously binds generations, orchestrates
With strings that resonate in cosmic symphony,
To unveil the underlying order, efforts unabated,
To tag the moving target, groping in the dark
To fathom it and every evanescence in reality.