Crusader for Mankind

Mothers, look before you buy.
The fruit juice has no fruit.
Fathers, take your daughters hand.
Traffickers are on the loose.
Parishioners, listen carefully.
The messages may be disguised.
Husbands, let your wife decide,
But better know exactly what the doctor has prescribed.
Migrants, welcome here, but keep your family close.
It could be torn from you.
Patriots, on the alert, in subways and in stadiums
Maybe best you move to a safer latitude.
Women, stay united and never take for granted
Your hard-won victories that could vanish overnight.
Parents, check their pockets, book bags, browsers, Facebook entries.
No room for oversight.
Wives, keep the flame alive, never should you sleep.
The sorceress of sabotage will liquidate your dreams.
Investors, be aware, when the offer is too tempting.
In ambush waits the cutthroat of another Ponzi scheme.
Homeowners, check your water source for impurities,
Invisible and tasteless, so easy to forget.
College kids, be wary of that golden opportunity.
Naiveté and aim add up to long-term regret.

Where to run to, where to hide?
The planet is undone.
He said there is no refuge, no asylum, no retreat,
No way of flight for anyone,
Save those who work incessantly
To build the ark that navigates
Amidst tumultuous seas, impregnable,
A stronghold for the storm-tossed multitudes,
All bewildered, in the embrace of dark despondency.
The haven of His covenant, once safely launched, will be
The only sanctuary, their anchor of security,
The sole remaining hope of scattered, vanquished tribes.