Strong, tall and graceful, off the podium, a dancer.
His lithe and gentle manner, a most persuasive thing.
His laughter rippling, with ready smile he’d answer
All the silly questions that innocence might bring.

His long, expressive fingers would soon caress her soul.
The sparkle in his eyes would delight her to the depths.
His compassion and his kindness would make of her so bold
As to enter in the dance while he showed her all the steps.

How love bloomed between them, still remains a secret.
For that fire to be set on this plane of water and clay
Does not depend on diligence or effort to ignite it.
But heavenly attraction makes it happen every day.

Each day a new adventure, finding paths through fallen leaves,
Losing shoes and all control while plodding through the snow,
Finding caracoles strewn along a southern shore.
But best of all creative work, productions to explore.

He put her on the stage, took away her inhibitions.
He took her by the ankles and swirled her round and round.
Her long blond hair swept up the leaves, she never touched the ground.
Within the realm of placelessness, her laughter was unbound.

She put him to the test, even spoke with impudence.
He never lost his patience, never mentioned a redress
When she lost important documents that needed to be sent.
Instead, he looked around and found them in her mess.

He took her to a church, just to sit and listen.
There was no choir or sermon, she didn’t ask him why
He didn’t move or speak. Was he hearing the Musician
That needs no instruments and spurs the soul to flight?

She was happy, happier than ever she could fathom.
Like the world and all it's splendors had nothing to compare
With the thimbleful of joy that he carefully would gather
To give to her each morn, another day that they could share.

He said to love the process, not the effect or adulation.
He taught her to be centered, of nothing unaware.
He said that ones’ potential goes beyond the imagination.
She learned that any little room could be an everywhere.3

He showed her how to work towards total integration
Of breathing, voice and mind, with full concentration,
To move with another, act/react in harmony,
Involvement that requires using all the faculties.

Of one thing she was unaware, too bizarre, too distressing,
That their time together wouldn’t last, as she rejoiced, so would she grieve.
From dreamlike state she awoke, found he’s too dear for her possessing.4
Anon without the slightest fare-thee-well he took his leave.

The birds went mute, the summer turned her back on silent spring.
But jovial as she tried to be, her lights were soon diminished.
The lushness of her fruits and flowers a transitory thing.
His sweet love was remembered, but her joy in life was finished.

This lesson she had never learnt and elders wouldn’t tell.
What for? Its warning told in ancient lore but who would listen?
How could she have shunned a heaven, even if it led to hell? 5
Enveloped in the heat of love, all counsel goes unbidden.

Yet further down the lonely road she found a shining gem.
Its prism cast a multicolored pattern on her life
Which sent her sights in all directions, lifted her, and then
It helped to free her shackled heart so she could love again.