How is it that the orchid, the scorpion, the evergreen,
The coral reef, the jaguar, the condor, and the dragonfly
Hold similar distinctions, a common pedigree:
The elegance of curvature, of nuance and proportion,
Of color combination, of balance and of symmetry,
Of harmony and coherence, total absence of distortion.

Ask the regents of refinement how they managed to maintain
With loveliness of composition, all those attributes combined.
How they managed to avoid the tainting of discordant notes.
Sahba, Bourgeois and Maxwell all agreed it was divine,
An influence that required of them purity of heart,
As well as order synchronized and contrasts well defined.

Consider retrospectively the final human form.
Millenniums of conversion, mutations by degree
With no chance alterations of the original design,
Shaped the prototype intended as a temple of flesh and bone,
Like frames of a mirror, their variations to enhance
Reflections of the visage of The One who stands alone.

The Priceless Pearl, a master of economy and grace
Through the gardens would instruct us on the meaning of sublime.
He knew of splendid realms beyond this temporary place.
He told us man is not defined by physical refinement,
But by faith and truth and selflessness, by service to the Cause,
A passion to complete our illustrious assignment.

A global commonwealth he commended us to see
Where subtle and flamboyant can exist in sweet accord,
Where men no longer fear to be refined by femininity,
Where children learn to joyfully submit to His command.
He warned of cultivation honed on intellect alone,
Cautioned us that progress and barbarity go hand in hand.

What elegance awaits us when the unity of race,
The variety of cultures and the joining of beliefs,
The concurrence of the spirit with all physicality
Come together to create a collective masterpiece
To embellish far beyond our dreams this planetary space,
Exquisitely portrayed, by the Guardian presaged, the inconceivable.