The geckos called a meeting meant to air their grievances.
They said, 'The bosses here do not appreciate what we do.'
'We're always cleaning up the place, never miss a chore.
Even when discarding our overcoats and shoes,
We eat them, not to leave them in a heap upon the floor.
We're never ostentatious, always blending in
To coordinate ourselves with the colors of the wall.'
An equal disaffection was expressed by one and all.
'By day we make no noise, so discrete, so well behaved.
We never try to escape or to hide without a reason.
We always work the night shift, never asking to be paid.
Our bird-like chirp, an offering, to lure placidity.
Studies of our toe pads, to mimic our adhesion,
Have contributed to science and aerospace technology,
Yet when the bosses shut the windows, chopping off our tails,
Reptilian worth is brushed aside with no apology.
A shutdown is in order. We should go on strike.
But what if they exterminate us? Better not to gripe.'
They bantered back and forth, but could not bring to light
An effectual response to their rightful aggravation.
Just as they adjourned, they froze in utter fright,
Every eye popped out, every mouth agape,
As a cat with a crooked smile snuck into the room.
They witnessed as he trounced upon an unsuspecting mate,
What fun he had obliging him to a game of gecko doom.
They reconvened to settle on which action they should take.
'Yes, we are cold-blooded and predacious, nonetheless,
We're quick to make a kill, never torturing our catch.
This will be our quintessential nemesis, make no mistake.
We'd best hightail it out of here before we get entrapped.'
Just as they were packing up they heard the bosses say,
'The cat can catch the mice, but the geckos catch mosquitos.
We have to choose between the two, let's give the cat away.'
That same day the bosses took him out, the terrorist was gone.
Suspended in mid exodus, the geckos reconsidered.
'If we leave the house, no doubt, we'll be preyed upon.
Our evacuation could beget more loss than gain.
Better we stay put now that the place is our domain.
It's warm in here and doesn't rain, we also have a nice buffet:
Ticks and moths and flies and mosquitos every day.
So many nice smooth surfaces to cling to as we please.
Let's be grateful, count our blessings, we're sure to find a way
To cohabit with the bosses if we use dactyl diplomacy.'