I Can Wait

Some might marvel at my age
Jurassic is my pedigree
Possibly predating alligator, bird and snake.
My countenance may be ancient, yet ironically
My organs don’t degenerate
Inside I'm just a kid.
My longevity has its reasons, body plan and attitude.
My dome-like shell has saved me from
Millenniums of enemies
Though heavy, it is practical
I take the temple with me.
I’ve been reproached as torpid
No hoofs to scurry, no wings to fly
No quick reflexes other than
To duck inside and hide.
In self-defense, I'll say with pride
My passion to progress is real
But has been modified by
The tether of forbearance.
Kam, kam is my maxim, ruz beh ruz my rallying cry.3
With patience and persistence, don't forget,
I won the race. Considering the recompense
There is no rush, so I can wait.