She gets lots of likes by following social media trends,
Loads of virtual contacts that she scarcely can remember.
Left with no close family and lacking actual friends,
She might be qualified as a lonely hearts contender.
Yet she feels she’s less alone than others might perceive.
A sudden noise at night will surely summon her defender.

She keeps a little space within her mind for special memories.
That time a terrible accident occurred but then it didn’t,
The medical procedure which after all was not required,
The difficult situation, the key to which no one could offer,
Hence, dastam begir was answered, skepticism put aside, 5
She’d felt embraced too often to surrender to the scoffer.

Books had always been her passion, previous to technology.
With physics and biology she’d tried to fill her mind.
She’d also read the holy books of every revelation.
She found it all to be one truth, neatly intertwined.
She understands that love is the supreme magnetic force,
Disclosing mysteries, traversing easily space and time.

She’s thought about those blessed souls in afterlife who earn the gift.
The faithful and the firm who at His bidding now provide
Pure leaven, raising up the world of being and supply
The power behind the wonders of creative minds and hearts
Those symbols of detachment, with the subtly of baby’s breath
Stir life into the greatest works of science and the arts.

She knows it is the power of love, the mystic law of gravity,
Connecting all contingent beings, material or ethereal, with
Computer speed and acumen, working expeditiously
To make the universe a fitting place for all to grow.
Wrapped within its magnet hold, she deems her safety guaranteed.
She never fears the void because she never feels alone.