Grateful, yes, with every breath, for all that you have done
To guide me and to strengthen my resolve to carry on,
To cultivate the confidence that battles will be won.

Thankful, yes, without request, you have provided me
With lovely children, vibrant youth, in this untroubled place.
At break of day I find myself immersed in a sea of grace.

Countless details fill the day, enchantingly mundane.
The sweetness of a tangerine, the scent of ginger brewing,
The color of the thunderclouds, the sound of needed rain.

Discovering a forgotten phrase that fills me with delight,
Or some unnoticed sacrifice that eased the task ahead,
Or reading of a martyrdom that makes my eyes shine bright.

With so much to encourage it, yet joy remains aloof.
I hasten in pursuit, yet my advances are ignored.
I fear this has become a chronic ailment, in truth.

Perhaps for that you let me have an instant of partaking,
Indulged me with a tenderness, enraptured every pore,
With a tongue-embracing kiss, just before awaking,
Dispelling any doubt that there always will be more.