Did God create Himself, as some have postulated?
Rationally impossible, beyond what can be measured.
Reason hesitates while faith elects The Uncreated
First Cause, the Maker of primeval light of dawn.

First the Word, the Primal Will, would dictate variations of
B now joined to E from the ocean of His artistry.
Then He would reveal the reason: love. That’s it, just love.
He loved our creation so He called us into being.

He fashioned us with heart and soul that love
Would be reciprocal, to know Him and to love Him,
The purpose of our being, the only reason
That our reason possibly could conceive.

Cynics say that love is just a chemical response,
In hard core reality a dysfunctional fixation,
Yet love being the better part of higher human nature,
Elevates us, ever in pursuit of the sublime, the All-Encompassing.