One might think that numbers are a sub-theme in our day,
Handy when it comes to keeping straight the calculations,
So, accuracy when required is just an abacus away.
But do we realize the role they play in our creation?

The formula for energy with digits is construed,
Gravitation being the aftermath of exactitude.
Numbers pinpoint properties, all components texturize,
Allow the flourishing of life when values are applied.

If by a tiny fraction less or more it had been modified,
No bonding would have happened, no chemical adhesion.
Hydrogen alone and bored might also have expired.
No Big Bang, no universe, no way to test our reason.

The hard-copy world is not their only realm of mastery.
Cyphers have allied with words and letters to applaud
The number nine, being the most accomplished and complete,
Gladly joined in wedlock to the letter Tá and word Bahá.

What agile mathematician could have proffered such a code
To challenge with precision our mental capabilities,
To test our souls with prophesies, numerically unfold
The mystery of His Greatest Name, explore the galaxies?