By angles I'm defined, a plane-faced lass am I
No feminine curvatures
No tincture or embellishments
To congregate a crowd, yet
Due to my being neutral
Transparent to the core
The spotlight comes in search of me
My flair the trait that he adores.
I understand his frequency
I bring out all his colors.
Bending is the secret skill
I get him to refract until
He radiates full spectrum.
I've taught him all he knows about transmission and reflection
Shown him tricks to furbish each colorless horizon, still
He brings no gifts, no precious gems, shows no appreciation.
His presence is enough, what need have I of frills?
Priceless stones pursue me
In hopes of simulation
With distinctive evanescence, I give them my design
But best of all I’ve shown them how
Reversing its direction, with luminous perfection
From within the light will shine.