Sweet and Sour

Black and white, inside, out, up, down, day and night
Hot and cold, sweet and sour, the twain shall ne’r be split
Opposites, but not opposed, organically unite.

To denigrate the one to exalt the other part
Would cause untold disruption, no lasting benefit
Chaos would ensue, light eclipsed by outer dark.

Hearts and minds prepared, when returned to former turf
Will find that reflux bile has aborted their endeavors
Community ignored as the midwife of essential worth.

Inseparable and equal calls for quality calibration
That mutual interaction hence be operative forever
That sweet and sour blend to sire a quickening libation.

An end to false dichotomies that stifle by degrees
No more indictments from the goldfish floating on the pond
Fusion of the counterparts to spawn all possibilities.