The Choice

She had reached the top, her ascendency now proven.
Her position was near sovereignty, her mandate undisputed.
The entire complex in her hands, she wielded with aplomb
Her authority to administrate, deliberate and choose.

Being of the upper echelon leaves time to reminisce.
Proud she was considering her humble origins and yet,
Despite the accolades and honors, something was amiss,
An un-connectedness that brews misgivings and regret.

What she'd gained was self-respect and well deserved acclaim.
What she'd left behind was immaterial, unresolved.
What she'd earned was prominence, a fortune and a name.
Why abandon all of this for that which is arcane?

What she felt when she resigned was closure and integrity.
She'd shut the door to values that ran counter to her vision.
She'd stepped into a space that would embrace uncut reality.
She'd never felt such certainty, tenacious her decision.4