The Raven

The wealthy lumber baron had cut down all the trees.
For months it hadn't rained and the people were in need.
This mogul had a magic well with lots of water in supply.
Though everyone was suffering, he was not concerned.
If anyone would dare approach this well, unauthorized,
He would be drawn down to the depths, never to return.
Ol’ man poverty seeing the town in desperate straits,
Decided something must be done, he went to the magistrate.
Together they devised a plan to find the missing ones.
Ol' man poverty declared ‘I don’t have much to lose, so
I’ll go down that well, though it takes me to the pit of hell.'
The only one known to descend, then fly back up again
Was the sleek and artful raven, who agreed to follow him.
And so the wily raven returned to notify the town.
All the people in the depths had been enslaved unwittingly,
Were working to revert all the rivers underground
To keep the waters flowing to the moguls property.
The baron seeing the raven, said 'that bird I want for me.'
'Sure, help yourself’ the raven said, ‘Come, follow me.'
He chased him down the well where for the first time he could see
The lost ones working for him in utter misery.
'What bird is this that torments me and puts me to shame?'
The townsfolk said 'He's known to us, Justice is his name.'