The Royal Heir

Their first born was a princess, a godsend unexpected.
She proved to be a special child, observant as a hawk,
Cleaver as a weasel, scrupulous, of nothing unaware.
She followed their example from the day that she could walk.
They changed the sovereign law to guarantee SHE would be heir.
The princess wasn't pretty, nor was she very plain.
She dressed with moderation, never ostentatiously.
Foreign envoys at the door mistook her for the chambermaid.
They heaped their cloaks upon her, then bid her fetch the tea.
Without a blink she hastened to address their every need,
Her station never compromised by kindness or humility.
One day the neighboring prince arrived to choose his bride-to-be.
He fixed upon her younger sister, fair of face, yet frivolous.
On hearing of their nuptial plans, her poor heart skipped a beat.
Now less than optimal were the chances she would find another.
Yet she made their wedding day a fete of unmatched panoply,
Designed to suit their royalty, a gala like no other.
Her days continued close beside her father king and mother queen,
Serving them, responding to requests with keen alacrity.
When they passed away her only thought was of her loss,
While others might have mused about their future legacy.
Amidst pretenders to the throne a rivalry erupted.
They sowed the seeds of doubt about the princess, heir-to-be.
Denouncing her, they tried to abrogate her suitability,
Alleged that she was docile as a donkey, called her noodle brain,
Timid as a mouse, a servile simpleton, unfit to reign.
She heard the accusations, yet never checked the source,
Never felt the need for self-defense or vindication.
She stayed above the fray like a vessel out on stormy seas,
Rolling with the dark and fearsome waves as gales would pound,
A man-o-war, unsinkable, deceptively unarmed.
The calm was soon to follow, leaving her on solid ground.
By popular demand the princess rose to take her proper place.
Henceforth even those detractors felt the ambit of her grace.
She learned to rule with calm resolve, to advocate judiciously.
Her wise appraisal, clear priorities would soon corroborate
The sparkling crown she wore upon her brow befittingly.
Yet no amount of majesty could er' compare or simulate
The power she’d progenerate through magnanimity.