To Give

The scientists, the poets, the charismatic VIP,
The leaders of the pack, the super enterprisers,
The whiz kids in the valley, the rock-star personalities,
Headlines indicate that they’re the seismic catalyzers.
Are they not the movers and the shakers of this world? 4

Now, the source is confidential and identities must be guarded,
The undercover agents in this thriller are the givers,
The ones that truly sacrifice, their own well-being discarded,
Who find no rest until their best possessions are delivered.
Behind the scenes they guarantee the drama carries on.

Unlisted in the registers of heroines and martyrs,
These protagonists are rich and poor and mostly in between.
They give a hundred thousand or maybe half a quid,
They give their hens, if wanting hens they give the eggs instead.
If wanting eggs they give their piece of bread and breakfast tea.

To build the House of Worship was their first priority,
To nurture nascent institutions, meet their every need
With the life-blood to sustain every phase of activity,
Never by coercion, always joyfully and willing,
The fountain ever flowing, an endless foil to greed.

For those of us who abide a parsimonious inclination,
We might well recall that to contribute is an honor,
Unique to us, as well as a binding obligation.
Mutually dependent, the part inseparable from the whole,
Guaranteed to eradicate the specter of depredation.

The cornerstone, our trust, must be carefully selected.
Along with generosity, brotherhood and unity,
We have a sacred mission that cannot be neglected.
If sacrifice is paramount we’ll partake of the mystery,
A ten-fold recompense will burst upon us, unexpected.

If we have forgotten who is shouldering the weight,
Those hidden Hurculeses we can easily recall
By looking at the trees, their falling leaves demonstrate
That nourishing never weakens, always standing tall,
Their source of wealth is He who has given to us all.