To Love Them

Self: But why? They are adults and act as if they’re children.
Their irresponsibility cannot be tolerated.
Soul: Well, they’re just awakening to a new reality.
They can’t be expected to walk before they crawl.
Self: They do not appreciate a single thing I do.
They don’t care a whit about my necessities.
Soul: Love them anyway, you’re the strong one, you’ll survive.
Find His face in their face, see them with His eyes.
Self: They’re ungrateful for the favors and the counsel they’ve been given.
They listen to soothsayers, any advice, but not to mine.
Soul: Love them and they’ll listen, that’s the Root of the matter.
The way to win a commoner or a queen’s reply.
Self: Helping them is like trying to save a whale that’s washed ashore.
They don’t respond to anything. I’m tired of being ignored.
Soul: They will in time, be patient. If not, ignore yourself.
Help them if you can, but don’t be so insistent (a devilish offense).
Self: When in a fix is when they make demands of my attention.
Just when I’m most occupied, wasting precious time.
Soul: Give them your attentive ear, turn their blindness into sight
Their bitterness to honey, their darkness into light.
Self: Even if they’ve cheated me and stolen what is mine?
Betrayed my confidence and left me stupefied?
Soul: Yes, love them anyway. What is ours to call our own?
You know that in the end it will all be left behind.
Self: Look, even if I offer up the flame in my heart
I know it will be smothered by an icy, curt rejoinder.
Soul: Take the chance, it’s not so challenging if you recall
That the greatest weapon known to man is love, after all.
Self: Of the four kinds of love, it’s the last and least significant.
So why spend so much energy and time on commonplace.
Soul: You can’t achieve the third, if the fourth is unattended.
They’re never kept apart in the celestial hierarchy.
Self: I could direct my love to something more productive,
To something more congenial, more in sync with me.
Soul: Be careful what you love, it could lead you to error,
It’s been known to stain the heart with concupiscent desire.
Self: So what would you suggest, give up all my likes and dislikes?
I’ll tell you there’re some characters that I just can’t abide.
Soul: Loving them is not so hard if the heart is giving orders.
It’s a lot more difficult when the mind is left in charge.
Self: What about the injuries that time hasn’t healed?
How can I patch up my heart or fix a broken wing?
Soul: The heart can be modified, take down all remaining walls.
Open up the citadel, let all the people in.
Here the second love engenders the other two, it’s all-encompassing:
The vital link, the greatest law that moves us, one and all.
The supreme magnetic force that unravels mysteries.
If you tap this force you will be led straight to the center,
And there you’ll find the freedom to engage with anyone
With utmost peacefulness and absolute serenity.
Self: I can’t, I just can’t. They’ve caused me too much pain.
No way I can forget and carry on like nothing’s changed.
Soul: Forgive them, understand them, and be compassionate.
Behind the thoughtless, unkind act there always is a reason.
If they’re sick, try to heal them, if they’re poor try to provide,
If they’re weak, be their protector, if they’re ignorant be their guide,
If the Master set the standard which applies to everyone,
Gave the consummate example, that means it can be done.
To love each other is why we we’re here, so overlook your pride,
See Him standing there before you, for that you are qualified.