To Zhínús Kháhar Ján

With all the odds against you, you accomplished near perfection.
Being a woman and bahá’i, you outdid any man.
You reached the apex of attainment, highest honors given
By scientists and the intellectuals of Iran.

You studied well the land you loved and mapped it with precision.
The sky, its vast complexity was also your dominion.
The heavy clouds and distant spheres became yours hearts delight.
Till you yourself became a most resplendent meteorite.

Not only in your country but beyond you won acclaim.
The experts in most foreign lands would recognize your name.
How ironic, you that helped establish solar energy
Would be eclipsed by stormy clouds of hate and tyranny.

Not only did you outshine all the rest in civic duty
You also kept in equal balance service to the Faith.
Excellent administrator, Counsellor and friend.
You traveled to the encumbered ones to lift them up again.

Loving wife and mother, with Húshang a perfect team.
Together you transformed your house to take in refugees.
So many years you taught the children, guiding them aright
Helping to enkindle them as lovers of the light.

You wisely educated the women of your nation.
Raised them up to tolerate the taunts of the ulama.
Their henchmen never caused even the slightest hesitation.
Your iron will assured that every battle would be won.

But paramount among your incomparable endeavors, you
Discovered what the scientists and poets have long pursued.
With everything against you, your pathway strewn with waste,
As you led your people forward, a smile never left your face.

When your beloved partner disappeared in the foray
Along with many other friends on that portentous day.
You said there is no sorrow, only gratitude and freedom
To protect in any way you could the faithful from the heathen.

After having lost your home, your family, high position
You said you needed nothing, you were wholly satisfied.
You felt serene and fortunate, full of dynamism.
You reached a state of happiness that none could modify.

You sacrificed your own desire to carry out His will.
Detached yourself from things acquired and worldly qualities.
For access to His threshold needs exact affinity.
The closer you approached the more intense your ecstasy.

So many things you taught us, of this world and of the next.
Prestige is just an instrument, a means to better service.
You left the dross and never feared the stigma of being poor.
You scorned the gold-filled coffers that the multitudes adore.

You knew the goal and freed yourself from vanities that bind.
You taught us to be unencumbered, to use our heart and mind.
It didn’t take a lifetime, you achieved it in your prime,
Nearness to your Lord which is the purpose of all time.