To The Children

Hello my little darlings, you always make my day.
So nice to see you altogether happily at play.
I’ve been so busy, haven’t had the time to come around.
What’s this? A new toy gun? Looks like an AK 47
Careful where you point it, you could mow some people down.

Do you still remember: O God guide me and protect me?
It was just a while ago, and if you say it every day,
Early in the morning, then you won’t forget that way.
You say you now have Netflix so it’s hard to get up early.
Aha, that’s why you’re half asleep, and why your eyes are blurry.

I brought you all some goodies, fruit bars with nuts and grain.
But what is that you’re eating? On your lips an orange stain.
I guess it must be Cheetos or some other packaged stuff.
(Good way to quench their appetites, and cost wise there’s a plus.
No veggies to prepare and they don’t put up a fuss).

So where is little Jimmy? He’s missing from the class.
You tell me he’s been sick –been diagnosed with cancer.
(So much research, so many lost, and still there is no answer.
That used to be an ailment of the older generation.
Good thing that everyone can get a health plan compensation).

You’re asking where he’ll go if he dies of this disease?
Oh honey, that’s a tough one, not a topic to discuss.
Heaven and the afterlife remain unknown to us.
Little children shouldn’t even think of such a thing.
And this should be a happy class, so now we’re going to sing.

Oh Tommy did I hear a word coming from your mouth?
That’s not allowed in class, you never heard it from your mama.
But you heard it on Youtube, South Park and Futurama?
(Such violence and vulgarity, but what are we to do?
Our freedom of expression is a right we mustn’t lose).

I’m passing out the drawings, I know you like to color.
What happened to the magic words? Let’s hear a please and thank you.
That’s courtesy, a virtue you can always put to use.
These days it’s out of fashion, but not difficult to learn,
Like sharing and being patient, which means waiting for your turn.

Alright kids It’s time to play. Which game do you like best?
You say your favorite game is Resident Evil number three?
I don’t know, it doesn’t sound cooperative to me.
And Game of Thrones is something else I wish you wouldn’t see.
Your cherub faces glued to blood and gore on the T.V.

I know it’s very popular, in fact it’s all the rage.
But I sometimes wonder what will happen to your little hearts.
Could they become desensitized at such a tender age?
Well, I won’t worry too much, cause I know you’re pretty smart.
And anyway there’re other shows to keep you all engaged.

O.K. kids the class is over. I hope you learn your prayer.
See you maybe next week or the next, I’ll let you know.
(I love to be with them, but have so many other chores).
Take care, don’t get too close to people you don’t know.
Avoid those sugary drinks and try to sleep a little more.

Yvonne, come sit beside me and tell how you’ve been.
Without your mom it’s really tough for Sissy and for you.
Those bruises on your face? An accidental fall?
Try to be more careful, the last class you had them too.
That was like a month ago. If you need help just call.

Look, here she comes to get you. Hello Sissy dear.
I need to talk to you as well. Yvonne, go out and play.
Last week by mistake I stumbled on
To my surprise, a girl who looked like you was on display.
Don’t cry dear, I promise not a word will I relay.

I know that lately things at home are lacking harmony.
But I’m not one to pry so I won’t investigate.
Each family is a unit, an independent entity.
No one will ever know and I’m sure that you’ll be wise.
I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, amazing how time flies.


God bless all these children and help them to be brave.
Let them find a shelter from torrential icy rain.
Protect these little birdies from the howling hurricane.
Deliver them from darkness, turn their anguish into rest,
Guide them to the garden, let Thy haven be their nest.