Wish List

Grading one to ten on your wish list, where would riches be?
Ten, who wouldn’t want to live the life, avoid the crunch.
Of all the circumstances, the worst is poverty.

How would you rate power? Would you give it high priority?
A ten again, how else could I accomplish my ambitions?
I’m tired of the big wigs trying to lord it over me.

What of physical pleasure? How does that evaluate?
Way up there on the top. That’s how we procreate.
Bolster the libido or say adios to the human race.

And how would you gauge happiness? Is that one on your list?
Oh, definitely. Isn’t that the upshot of the other three?
With money, sex and influence we’d reach a state of bliss.

Sorry, but this scale is the reverse of common auditing.
Adding up the highest number indicates true wretchedness.
If you want the fourth one, everlasting happiness,
You’ll have to free yourself from all those castles in the sky.
The sirens weave a mesh from our desires, then arrest
The sullied wings of those who have an eager wish to fly.