Telling Lies

Telling lies of course is the worst of inclinations.
It destabilizes all the solid progress that you’ve made.
You really shouldn’t fib if you have any aspirations
To build an edifice that rains will punitively flay,
Yet never breach the walls of an impenetrable haven.

Now what about proclivities to use masonic gifts
To mask affectation behind the jeweled façade,
To recreate that pretty face with magical uplift?
Behold the sumptuous display, but entering beyond,
We find naught there but hyperbole and overemphasis.

And what of those who sit amid the sandals at the door,
While hankering to place themselves among the illustrious,
Those who feign humility, yet readily would consider
Their own undeserved ascendance to the rank of trust?
A clod of earth is placed above the ambitious counterfeiter.