The Human Heart

In search of understanding of the incongruity
Of the objective and subjective in binary embrace,
Social science merging with medical technology
Has found the human heart and mind
Intertwined, their multiple capacities
Separate, yet clearly integrated.

The heart, self-animated, still depends intrinsically
On the welfare of the whole, coadjutor, pumping for
The mind’s resplendent dawning, latent powers grow,
Setting free the birds of thought and penetrating insight
To sweep away the spider’s web of vain and idle fancy,
Clearing out dark chambers and setting them aglow.

Capable of generating intricate emotions,
At times so burdensome as to cause itself to buckle,
A bio-pump, a workhorse, if diverted to exterior use,
Could empty the entire swimming pool within a week,
Yet, also could propel the extension of reality,
Instigating leaps in evolution.

Mysteriously mingling emotions with biology
The heart has its reasons leaving reason unaware1
How is it love takes over, virtually invading
The reptilian cortex, soaking every pore with dopamine?
Is that the explanation for devotion, sacrifice of self?
Is it quantifiable? Is that the mystery?

The mind has been honed to make razor sharp incisions,
Yet time and again the intervention fails to extricate
The underlying insistent self or imperious tyranny.
Attuned and purified, hearts and minds reflect each other.
When centralized the forces will combine and legislate
The dynamics of a synchronized well-being.

Connectedness is requisite, alone it cannot be.
Defying isolation blends the personal with political,
Matches interactions for a proper integration
Of the mystical, the moral, with the workings of society.
The melding of the heart and mind, creating sweet relationships
Will lead us to the oneness of a whole humanity.

Congested hearts, cloistered from environs near and far
Could result in empty words or advocate barbaric deeds.
The pith of self within the heart could clog the mind’s agility,
Its radiance turned dim, its intention languishing,
Passively evading, with arguments unsound, causal evidence,
So tinged with preference, it overlooks validity.

The heart, free and emptied is the channel of inspiration
Through which the melodies will flow to invigorate the souls
With His Word, to quell emotivism, to thwart exclusivity,
To guide the search for the ideal, for beauty, truth and unity.
Pure, kind and radiant, it triumphs in possession
Of an ancient, everlasting sovereignty.

A garden situated within the mortal frame,
Where vernal rains aid to cultivate potentialities,
Not only is the place a fountain source of every love that be,
Aligned with mind the universal network is contained,
Their joint reflection mirrors the Sun of all reality,
Therein from His throne of power He reigns.